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Understanding the complex digital world our kids live in

Do you have a child aged between 10 and 23? If so, there’s a 70% chance they have been the victim of cyber bullying and a 1 in 3 chance they’re being bullied online daily.

This was one of the powerful messages Swan Hill region parents and educators received during an insightful talk by visiting digital expert and youth speaker Nathan “Dubsy” Want Tuesday night at the Grain Shed Church of Christ.

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What does Kevin Spacey know about content marketing anyway?

Speaking with small business owners in recent weeks I am reminded how much the idea of content marketing and storytelling resonates with them. It’s not a term they would use day-to-day, but when the conversation turns to the strategic importance of marrying digital assets, such as a website and social media profiles, with content creation and storytelling that conveys the expertise, value and relevance of a brand with consumers, the discussion reaches a new level.

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Will your business be surfing the Chinese New Year wave?

Many businesses starting out on social media reach a point when enthusiasm wanes, focus is lost and posts become less frequent and less relevant to their business activities. We've all checked out a company's Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn brand page only to see tumbleweed rolling between posts six weeks apart, separated only by an innocuous photo upload that leaves followers scratching their heads on the relevance scale. It's a clear sign that the brand page has been created without much foresight and planning, and that a content calendar is required to steer the brand's editorial direction.

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For an extra $10, this $9 million Liam Neeson Super Bowl ad could have been the perfect campaign

The 60 second Super Bowl TV commercial slot cost the makers of Clash of Clans around US $9 million. It was highly entertaining and Liam Neeson was immense but the makers forgot some fundamental digital branding rules which would have maximised their investment. 

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