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Scam alert - Do not share Qantas free flights Facebook post if you value your privacy

Think twice before liking, commenting or sharing a Facebook post to participate in any competition or offer that appears too good to be true.

Why? Because there's every chance the competition and the Facebook profile hosting it are fake. By becoming a fan of the profile and sharing the post, you may become vulnerable in future when the page, which collects thousands of fans in a very short period of time, is sold to another party. And when the profile is sold to an unscrupulous party, who will remove the Qantas images and rebrand it for another purpose or business, they're also selling on the fans who unwittingly opted in to becoming a fan of that profile. 

Spotting a fake

The fake Qantas profile is missing the blue verified tick beside its profile name (top left corner) and has only 1,688 fans (the real Qantas page has 888,000). 

How to identify the fake Facebook profile

  1. The profile does not have Facebook's blue 'verified' tick beside the profile name (top left corner of page)
  2. The profile has very few followers (does anyone believe household name Qantas has only 1,688 fans?)
  3. The company's official website does not mention the offer
  4. The Facebook profile has very few posts on its timeline (this scam has only one post)

Will the real Qantas please stand up?

Note the verified tick for the authentic Qantas profile in the top left corner. The profile also has 888,074 fans which is what you expect from a household brand name (not the paltry 1,688 of the scam page).

What motivates scammers to create fake profiles? 

As we mentioned above, there's money to be made by unscrupulous parties who set up fake profiles with the intention of hoovering up thousands of fans and then selling on the profile and its fans to another party who is seeking fans. 

Maybe the profile you unwittingly become a fan of will be nothing more than a nuisance or perhaps it will have more sinister intentions to harvest personal information and identity theft? 

The best way to protect yourself, and the ones you care about, is to not pass them on (that means ignore them) and report them to Facebook.

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