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Small business videos take Facebook by storm

We recently began producing videos for our clients but nothing could prepare us for the success they would enjoy on Facebook! The reach and engagement of each video has been far stronger than any image we can remember.

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Behind the scenes: Embroidering logos on to caps

Client: Sewgraphic Embroidery
Reach: 4,500 people in less than 4 weeks
Video plays: 1,952 times
Unique viewers: 1,900
Ad spend: $30

So how much work goes into embroidering a logo on to a cap? A lot apparently!

Such was the curiosity factor that this video reached more than 4,500 people in the first 4 weeks following its release on Facebook. The video was played 1,952 times by 1,900 people! How good is that? 1,900 people now know that Sewgraphic Embroidery can supply caps. How many of them do you think will go on to orders caps for their business on the back of watching this video?

Fundraising for a school history excursion to France

Client: Swan Hill Farmers' Market
Reach: 4,300 people in less than 3 weeks
Video plays: 1,800 times
Unique viewers: 1,400 people
Reactions: 174 (133 likes, 17 comments, 22 shares)
Ad spend: $30

The Swan Hill Farmers' Market is a wonderful initiative which enjoys excellent community support. We had a feeling when we were approached to create a video about a group of school girls making soup to sell at the market to fundraise for a school trip to France that the video would prove popular with the local community.

This video reached more than 4,300 people and has been viewed more than 1,800 times (by 1,400 unique viewers) and collected 133 likes and 22 shares along the way!

Swan Hill Laneway art

Client: Personal
Reach: 5,900 people in first week
Video plays: 2,300 times
Unique viewers: 1,920
Reactions: 300 (including 227 likes, 33 comments and 33 shares!)
Ad spend: Nil.

Walking to a meeting with our client Wood & Co Real Estate we simply had to put down our bag and shoot a short film of the transformation of this Swan Hill laneway.  

We thought people would feel proud of their town when they saw it and that people would like it but we didn't expect that a huge swathe of the Swan Hill Community would discover the laneway art through our video.

It's a brilliant lesson for businesses and organisations: create content that people are interested in, not what you're interested in.

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