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A coherent digital strategy to ensure existing and future digital assets and activities work towards your business goals

It's important to have a strategy for all of your digital assets and activities that can be measured and linked back to business goals.

It's important to have a strategy for all of your digital assets and activities that can be measured and linked back to business goals.

Is your business looking to reach new customers, increase visibility of products and services, influence customer purchasing decisions, strengthen existing relationships, improve loyalty and increase sales? If so, you should strongly consider adding a digital strategy to your company strategy, no matter the size of your business.

Keeping up with customer expectations

The rise of the real-time web, e-commerce, mobile and social media has had a profound effect on society and presents many opportunities for progressive, open-minded businesses in this 'digital age'. It also fuels ever increasing customer expectations of businesses.

At the other end of the spectrum, companies who are slow to embrace this paradigm-shift risk losing business to competitors who are using new channels to reach new customers in new markets. Not to mention their use of digital to engage with existing customers for retention and increased loyalty.

A static website and Facebook profile is not enough in a changing digital world

These days it is not uncommon for a business to have a basic website, a Facebook profile, or both. But these two assets alone are only a small part of a potentially broader strategy to leverage digital platforms for sustained business growth. It is important to be clear about your goals for your digital presence and how you will measure success against these goals.

You can start by reflecting on these questions:

  • Do you update your website from time-to-time and is it interesting enough to entice a customer to return?
  • Can customers easily can find your website or products in Google search results and are you taking steps to improve your ranking?
  • Does your website provide interaction or add value such as allowing customers to buy a product, place an order or submit a query? 
  • If your business has one or more social media profiles, is this presence supporting one or more business goals?
  • Do you actively monitor your Facebook page and other profiles and promptly respond to customer questions and complaints?
  • Do you update your social media profiles with relevant content that fans (customers) will find useful and ultimately lead to repeat business?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions then there is still room for improvement to contribute to business growth.

A digital strategy (which includes social media) is a great way to develop a human personality for your brand and convey your expertise to customers to influence their decision-making but success is the result of deliberate planning and (content) strategy and does not occur overnight or by accident.

Aligning the offline world with your online presence

As your digital presence evolves, care must also be taken to ensure your online and offline marketing efforts are coherent and supporting each other. For instance, your offline marketing (business cards, newspaper ads, brochures, vehicle signage) must promote and drive customers to your online presence and vice versa.

Where to from here we hear you say?

We're only scratching the surface of a very broad subject which deserves a lot more space. If any of this strikes a chord with you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss establishing or fine-tuning a digital strategy for your business. Even if your competitors or your industry as a whole have not yet embraced digital, now is the ideal time to act to impress your customers and seize first-mover advantage over your competition.

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