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Effective content marketing will help your business stand out

Effective content marketing will help your business stand out

You’ve probably heard people say “content is king”. It’s a powerfully accurate and true statement in this digital world. Everything is connected and consumers come into contact with your business across different "touch points" each day. Websites. Social networks. Blogs. Microblogging platforms. Photosharing platforms. Consumer discussion forums. Email newsletters. Mobile apps and so on goes the list.

What’s important for your business, no matter its size, is to realize what you’re good at and to share your expertise to more and more people online (and offline) across all of your touch points. To project your brand's personality and become a storyteller about your activities. As long as what you have to say is interesting, engaging, relevant and adds value, it will result in increased brand awareness, reach and engagement with customers. Additional positive knock on effects will follow, including word of mouth advocacy, the generation of new sales leads and influencing consumer preference for your business ahead of your competitors. If you execute your plan well, other people – customers, fans and strangers alike – will spread your content further for you for next to no cost.

[when comparing two evenly matched businesses] there is every chance a consumer will favour buying from a business that has a coherent online presence that oozes expertise, warmth and personality

At the end of the day, when a customer compares online two evenly-priced products from different businesses (and research confirms most offline retail purchases are made after initial online research), there is every chance a consumer will favour buying from a business that has a coherent online presence that oozes expertise, warmth and personality. 

Align your offline marketing with your online activities

Oh, and all of your offline efforts, your newsletters, business cards, point of sale material and so on, even your ad in the yellow pages, should be aligned with, and support, your online efforts and vice versa.

Effective content marketing and social media success rarely happen by accident or with little foresight and planning. At Digital54, we will listen and learn about your business and industry, absorb your expertise and personality, and transform these ingredients into a well planned content marketing strategy to reach, engage with and influence more people to help you reach your business goals.

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