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Roda Fruits strikes Facebook gold with fan competition

We love seeing local businesses succeed online as it helps to set a new standard and raise the bar for other businesses to strive for. And in this digital age, the more businesses who succeed online can only be a good thing for this region and everyone who lives in it.  

We've been admiring Roda Fruits, who is not a client, ever since we met Nicole at the Swan Hill Farmer's Market in January. We quickly discovered that they were doing some really creative things on their Facebook page which we found all the more interesting because we haven't found (m)any local businesses in agriculture pushing the boat out in digital.

Unprecented levels of fan engagement sends strong signal to Facebook's algorithm

So we were over the moon to see that Roda Fruits' latest initiative - a thank you to their 500 fans with a mixed fruit box give-away to one lucky fan - was shared more than 200 times and led to a 47% spike in new fans, now through the 600 barrier! And all this without paying to boost the post!

This fan response creates excellent word-of-mouth (viral) marketing for the business and sends a strong signal to Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm. Every piece of engagement - every like, comment and share - signals to Facebook that Roda Fruits publishes interesting content that is appreciated by its fans. We can expect Facebook's algorithm to respond to this great level of engagement by showing the next few posts more often and to more people than usual.

If you've ever wondered why some of your Facebook content is seen by so few people and engaged with by even fewer people, it's probably due to how interesting your post is and how interesting your previous few ones were. If I was Roda Fruits I'd be publishing an important post next, one that has some commercial value to the bottom line of the business because EdgeRank will likely show the next post to lots of people on the back of the success of the competition post. 

Creativity and planning essential for success

Facebook is not an easy art to master and requires creativity, regular publishing of content that fans find relevant and interesting as well as lots of planning. Roda Fruits clearly has a special relationship with its Facebook fans and it is serving up what its loyal fans want to see.

Talking of creativity, it was clever to upload a short video of Jasper pulling the winning names from a bowl and the simple yet effective photo of the winning names on strips of paper on a table was visually appealing.

There are loads of great things being done by Mallee businesses on social media and we will endeavour to bring them to our readers' attention more regularly via the blog and on our Facebook page.

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