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Digital strategy 

How is your online presence looking today? Do you have one? What are your goals online? Are they aligned with your business goals? When was the last time you refreshed or even critiqued your website? Not sure how to tackle social media? How do you match up against your competitors?

strategic guidance

One thing is for sure: if you have a website it needs to add value to your business and provide your customers a reason to keep coming back to visit it. It should also be optimized for viewing on mobile devices and tablets given the increasing tendency of people to consumer content on the move or in front of the TV.

Your business should also be thinking about a presence on social media where your customers spend their time, and you need to publish useful, relevant content regularly to present your business as an expert and thought leader in your field.  The online world is a two-way street these days: customers want to interact with companies to receive promotional offers and service and your business needs to actively listen and engage with them. These are the boxes we want to help you tick to grow your business online and gain a competitive edge.

At Digital54, we will take the time to understand your business, your long term business strategy and your industry before providing a strategic recommendation. We can then implement all or part of the recommendation for you or provide a framework and training to enable you to manage your own digital strategy. 

Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard people say “content is king”. It’s a powerfully accurate and true statement in this digital world. Everything is connected and consumers encounter various online touch points with brands. Websites. Social networks. Blogs. Microblogging platforms. Photosharing platforms. Consumer discussion forums. Email newsletters. Mobile apps and so on goes the list.


What’s important for your business, no matter what size, is to know what you’re good at and to convey that expertise to more and more people. To project your personality and a story around your business activities. As long as what you have to say is interesting, relevant and adds value, brand awareness, reach and engagement with your business will grow. Positive knock on effects will follow, including word of mouth, lead generation, sales and a consumer preference for your business over your competitors. If you execute well, other people – customers, fans and strangers alike will spread your content further for you for next to no cost.

Oh, and all of your offline efforts, your newsletters, business cards, point of sale material and so on, even your ad in the yellow pages, should be aligned with, and support, your online efforts and vice versa.

Effective content marketing and social media success rarely happens by accident or with little foresight and planning. At Digital54, we will take in your expertise and personality and transform these elements into a methodically planned content marketing strategy to reach, engage with and influence more people to reach your business objectives.

Social media strategy

Social media is the cornerstone of our business. We’re not talking about Facebook posts and striking imagery. Anyone can provide that. And anyone can be taught that. Our value is in providing comprehensive strategies. Should your business be on social media? Who are your target customers/clients and on which which online platforms can they be found? What should your goals be? Which metrics will you use to measure success aligned with your business’ strategy? How can social media be used to glean competitive intelligence? Can social media concretely increase my company’s revenues or will success be attained though social customer care, lead generation or other metrics?

These are just some of the topics we address when developing a client's strategy. 

Website development


A website is extremely important for most businesses. While there is a lot of buzz around social media marketing, brands are spending increasing amounts of money publishing on social networks they are really only renting space from. If the network closes tomorrow, or changes its business model, there goes your investment. But a website remains yours. You own it and the content you publish on it. 

Your website, however, should not be treated like a static brochure that is updated or replaced every few years. By continually looking for new ways to improve your website, and adding to it one day at a time, you send a powerful message to existing and prospective customers and give them a reason to continue to come back. Search engines not only reward websites that are well structured and respect search engine optimization (SEO) basic rules with a higher ranking and thus easier for prospective customers to find, they also love websites that are updated regularly.

Digital54 is not a search engine optimization (SEO) agency and we won’t promise to put your business in first position on Google. We can transform your website presence, however, and we know enough about SEO and the golden rule of “content is king”, to help you achieve your website and business objectives.

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